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Blank Display

Is anyone else getting a random blank display? Sometimes it lasts minutes, sometimes over an hour. Last night I had to turn the LaMetric completely off and back on because it was stuck on a blank screen for over an hour.

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The issue is under investigation. We'll keep you posted.

Since a week I am also suffering this effect on my oldest Lametric. Sometimes it comes back and is looking for WiFi connection. When it finds the access point the device can display again the clock and weather apps selected. Otherwise I have to make a cold reboot.

Dear @Wilfried,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please drop an email on with your device log files if it happens again.

Follow the next steps to grab log files (please grab logs just after the issue has occurred):

- if you're on Android, please open "Manage Device" screen and tap menu icon, tap Support, select LaMetric you have a problem with and send an email with device information.
- if you're on iOS, tap on "Account" tab at the bottom of "Manage Device", tap on "Support", tap on the name of your LaMetric Time device and send us an email with logs attached. they helped me a lot with that issue

The unit is working fine. It seemed like the firmware was corrupted. After loading the latest firmware from scratch the unit is working since flawless.
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