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Scheduled ON / OFF function

Could you please  add a scheduled ON / OFF function?! Because I have it in my bedroom and it is disturbing at night. That would be totally awesome 

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The black block should be some emoji =)

I also have it in my room next to my bed, and I use the screen saver activated by light! When I'm going to sleep it turns the brightness to the lowest possible.

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Same here =) but I am really sensitive and it's still disturbing for me! I wish they could make this function real. A other way couldn't be to allow to choose any app as screensaver! The I would set the always dark app (I think it's called night mode??) as screensaver. That would get the job done too.

I know it doesn't solve your issues completely, but someone made this app

it's an all black, no icon, no text app

you can either scroll to it when you go to sleep, or you can set the lametric to schedule mode and set this app as active during a predetermined time.

it's not ideal, but it solves the "to bright" problem :)

hope this helped.


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Thanks for describing this workaround! Yes that should do it for now. But I would be very happy if they could integrate that in a proper way! But anyways thanks for your helpe =)

Can this function please be added as an API call, or trigger.

I would like to have an automation in Home Assistant trigger screen saver mode to come on when I start a movie (the clock is near my time), then go back to normal mode when paused or stop watching the movie.


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