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Pittsburgh True Time App?

I would really love to have an app that displayed the data from the Pittsburgh Port Authority True Time site.  Users could enter a stop number and the display would show the time to the next bus.


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I could try to put together something like that. I’ll try to get back to you by tomorrow, after I check out the site you provided
Tell me something, do you want the app to display times for all the buses that go through that stop (like the site does) or do you want to be able to enter also a bus nr and show data for that bus only?

So the page I actually use is this one:

For me, the only thing I care about is the next bus coming to stop 7645 - Wilkins Ave opp Murray Ave


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I have a draft of everything already, but I still need to glue everything together. I think I might have something for you to test by tomorrow :) i’ll Keep you posted. Cheers
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