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Worth Buying?

I just found about this device and it sounds really great. To current owners do you think its worth buying? Displaying whats currently playing on my Sonos sounds really cool to me. Also would love to be able to send msg's to my kids when i'm not home.

I have wink (and hue) Smart home stuff that works with IFTTT so I also think it could be useful (I wish it had full wink support though)

Definitely! I’ve had mine for several years and I love it. I primarily use mine for IFTTT notifications for weather and news.

Cool, you use sonos at all? also I have a ring and thinking i can get an alert when some one is at the front door. I also have hue and might a good button to turn on the lights for the grandparents. Is it fully integrated with IFTTT? Would be cool to auto send an alert during the week when I close to home so the kids would know.

I went ahead and picked one up. Hope its as cool as it looks

Depends. If you think you’ll ever need to contact tech support, then don’t. They don’t reply to their customers and ignore any technical question you might have
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