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Postnl track trace


maybe can you make app postnl dutch tack and trace app 

thank you

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This will be awesome to have here in the Netherlands.

Its funny you mention this because I just a message to postnl last week telling them to add IFTTT support to their service.. I had my lametric in the back of my mind.. but I figured IFTTT would open up more posibilities to non lametric users. So far no response... :(

+1 but no response yet?

Nope...postnl is a hard to penetrate organisation.. they only have basic customer service and they dont know much more than postal rates and track n trace. However, they did make a ticket.. i emailed a few times but so far the ticket is still open.

Track & Trace is een handige manier om uw zending met barcode online te volgen. Het enige wat u nodig heeft is de barcode en de postcode van u als ontvanger. Ook als verzender volgt u uw zending eenvoudig online of met de PostNL App.


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