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Control radio volume independently of notification volume

We use LaMetric as for radio in our office.

The radio sound can not be very loud, otherwhise we can't work ofcourse.

However the volume of notifications is the same as the radio volume.

We can't here our notifications. And we really want a loud BEEP everytime someone likes us on Facebook or a tweet is send out.


- Control radio volume within Radio app

- Control LaMetric notification volume on general settings

Response of LaMetric Support team (26/04/2017):

Unfortunately, currently there is no possibility to control radio volume independently of notification volume. But we will add this feature to our backlog.

Please vote for this feature and hopefully it will be implemented soon.

Thank you,


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My issue is that through the day I listen to piano at a low level - but in the mornings I need that loud alarm! So every night I need to remember to turn it back up.. I wish I could just set the alarm volume independently of my radio volume..

Please consider this :)

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Hi, Plus one. This feature is so needed.... Please add seperat volume controls for notification and apps.

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Hi, Any news on that? Its clear that radio/spotify need an other level of volume than notifications/alarms. Having the user to always remember to change back the volumen isnt very smart. Is there a roadmap/list for the lametric project where i can check the status? Regards
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