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IFTTT to change the clockface

It would be great if you can use IFTTT to change the clockface on your LaMetric Time.


I use my LaMetric Time primarily as a clock in my living room. Using IFTTT applets and the IFTTT Indicator app, I have notifications come across my LaMetric Time. I would be great if the icon from the IFTTT notification remain as the the clockface after the notification has passed.


Imagine setting up your IFTTT applets to notify you of rain or sun and after the initial notification, the rain or sun icon remains as the clockface. So now your LaMatric Time is always displaying the current time along side a clockface with the current weather. Or setting up your IFTTT applets for the start and finish of games for your favorite sports team or for home automation alerts or for any of the other hundreds of things that tie into IFTTT.

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I've owned this device for 3 hours .. Its a brilliant device .. I have configure slack works great.. But disappointed IFTTT doesn't display (specified icon) on left hand side of the clock .. My problem is I have a mostly automated home .. My son keeps leaving the garage door open I have a zwave sensor which integrates in a product called vera .. I would like .. When ever the door is open my Vera unit will post to IFTTT which will in turn display a car icon on the clock closed remove icon :) 

Can you add a switch feature in IFTTT to post icon to clock face. 

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@Mark, that is exactly what I have in mind with my garage door connected through a WeMo Maker!!!

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Has anything like this been implemented. Just ordered my Time! 

How to remove(set none) clock face via IFTTT? What number of clock face ID can do this?

This is possible with IFTTT, should be updated the ticket

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I think It's a great idea! Using IFTTT to change your LaMetric Time clockface based on notifications would enhance functionality. Imagine having weather icons or sports alerts as your clockface, providing useful information at a glance. I hope this feature gets implemented!

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