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Display of specific apps only during specific hours and days


Can it be possible in the future to program the display of specific apps only during specific hours and days?

For example: I don't need to see transport information on the weekend


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Exactly the same question for me !

I want to disable specific frames at specific moments.

When I want to send JSON with an empty "frames:[]", it fails because the apps needs the x defined frames.

This topic is also in this theme:

You do some happy people here with this feature !

Same here.. in the morning I would prefer to see more weather info while at night I prefer to see other information.. 

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Yes, same here, like Alex!

They seem to have implemented this feature!

No, the current feature only allows a single app be scheduled at a specified time and it will stay until another app is scheduled to show up over it. This is pretty useless if you have a large number of apps because you would need to schedule every single app for every single time you want to show it every day. I would literally have hundreds of individually scheduled apps showings if I used the existing method. My suggestion would be to allow for a group of apps to be scheduled with a start/end time instead. This way you can set up your morning set of apps, your afternoon set of apps, your evening set of apps and your over night set of apps (or more sets if you needed). I don’t want to scroll through a blank screen app just because it exists in my list, I want it to be the single app in the night set to blank the screen all night and then when I get up I want to see the weather, air quality and time to drive to work. In the afternoon I may want to have it scroll through my social media connections and Fitbit progress. Right now I have to add and remove apps all day at different times to do this and set it to scroll through them.

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I agree the option is too limited. I ended up just making a script on my raspberry giving me full control on what app to show when.. I just use the api to call apps or rotate between them. 

The option they implemented is nice if you just want to show one app.. but in a way I was hoping the schedule option would allow for enable and disabling apps from the auto scroll feature. 

Hello Alex van Es, can you send me your script to test it on my raspberry? (surpin .....


My script looks like below. Of course you will need to change your ip and api key here. 

My first script calls the 2nd one with 1 parameter, being the name of the app you want to display;

/icepick/lametric/study/ "Clock"

sleep 15

/icepick/lametric/study/ "Weather"

This is how the switch-app-sub,sh script looks like;

(I am sure there are better ways to program this but it works without a hitch.. it also checks for the screensaver and notifications to make sure they don't get overwritten). 

The downside of this is; the buttons on the lametric become useless since the script doesn't keep in mind when they were pushed. 


#echo $1 

#echo $2

notification=`curl -s -H "Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_KEY"  | jq "." | wc -l`

screensaver=`curl -s -H "Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_KEY" | tail -n1 | jq ".screensaver.enabled" `

#echo screensaver $screensaver

#echo notification $notification 

if [ $screensaver == "true" ] || [ $notification != "1" ]


        echo "screensaver/notification is on"


        package=`curl -s -H "Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_KEY"  | jq '.[] | select(.title == "'"$1"'")' | jq -r ".package" `


        widgets=`curl -s -H "Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_KEY"  | jq '.[] | select(.title == "'"$1"'")' | jq -r ".widgets" | head -n2 | tail -n1 | sed 's/ //g' | sed 's/:{//g' | tr -d '"'  `


        echo package: $package

        echo widgets: $widgets


        curl -s -X PUT -H "Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_KEY"$package/widgets/$widgets/activate



Please check Schedule mode to manage app visibility as you like!

It would be great to have at least an API that enables/disables specific apps from scrolling.

Dear @virtual,

Thanks for your feedback.

We'll forward it to our Development Team for consideration.

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