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Google Home Integration

Any chance we can see some Google Home integration, much like the Amazon Alexa integration ?

It would be great to have the visual notifications for Google Home tasks, or even to display an acceptance or confirmation of a task / request.


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I agree! I would like to have integration with Google Home!

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Just to build on that, could a lametric be compatible with Chromecast?

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it would be really great !

I look forward to that.

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I welcome this feature!

I am well aware of this post being half a decade old, but this integration would still be absolutely smashing. I'd love to see Google Home Status Messages (e.g. "Living Room Lights turned on/off" etc.) as well as direct control features ("Turn XYZ on") directly implemented as an app. With this feature, It would not be necessary to do all of this indepentently via IFTTT.

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