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IFTTT Notifications

Is anyone else having a problem with notifications from IFTTT since they changed? None of my notifications show up and when I try to create a new recipe, it gives me an error message.
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The issue has been fixed. Please check!

Hello everyone!

The issue will be fixed with the release of the new firmware which is coming soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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I sent out a support ticket and they are still working on this. It seems misleading to see ads for LaMetric featuring IFTTT support when it is not working.

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Hi everyone,

We are working on the issue. And it should be fixed next week.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We put all efforts to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Meanwhile I could successfully create receipts through the ifttt website. On iOS App it gave me the error.

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Dear support,

do you have an ETA for the new Firmware?

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Anything on this, LaMetric? Is this still a known issue that only some notifications are showing?

since a few days I have this error again. Device just shows the IFTTT Screen but no notification.

IFTTT brings up an error when trying to save the applet that the option were unavailable and I should install the IFTTT app on the device.



Dear Lametric please fix this issue, it was the reason for buying this device... and you advertise that as a feature even on the BOX! 


Just bought a device, cool! But spend several hours trying to get IFTTT to run, with the very same error message as above :( any idea when this will work again?

I've lost my notifications altogether.  I disabled the channel, removed the IFTTT LaMetric App, re-enabled the channel... created new recipes and nothing!

since yesterday, ifttt - lametric integration seems to have stopped, I'm not getting any updated notifications, the ifttt app only shows "IFTTT" :(

Same Problem here. The device just stops receiving Notifications from IFTTT, but also from my own Apps (except local Notification-App). Restarting the devices brings back notification sometimes, but only for a few hours ... very disappointing

Hey guys!

Glad to report that the issue was fixed. 

Please check.

Thanks, currently, it works indeed again, after rebooting the device.

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