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IFTTT Notifications

Is anyone else having a problem with notifications from IFTTT since they changed? None of my notifications show up and when I try to create a new recipe, it gives me an error message.
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The issue has been fixed. Please check!

@Barry Could you please send us your device logs? To make it please open Manage Device screen on your LaMetric Time smartphone app and tap menu icon, tap Support, select LaMetric you have a problem with and send an email with device information.

Not working for me in the UK.  I have disconnected and reconnected the channel to no avail.  I can see the notifications in IFTTT but nothing arrives on either of my LaMetric displays.

Thanks, now indeed it works, sweet :)


The issue has been fixed. Please check!

Just bought a device, cool! But spend several hours trying to get IFTTT to run, with the very same error message as above :( any idea when this will work again?

Hi guys,

Seems like there are some issues on IFTTT side since they have launched a new update. 

We are checking this too.

Same here,

I write with IFTTT per Twitter during this Problem.

Hope I get an answer!

I get the same error message when trying to create a new indicator recipe too.
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