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I would like to see Salesforce OAuth as an option on the authentication list.

This can be easily set up using a Salesforce Developer Org:

Any chance?



Hi Ian,

Yes, we will add SalesForce to the list of common OAuth2 providers to simplify things a little. But if you are familiar with OAuth2 workflow you can use "Other" OAuth2 type and enter all the options manually. Hope it helps.

Best regards,

LaMetric Technical Support


I'm familiar ish with OAuth, but I don't know what callback URL I should use for the Lametric App. Usually this would be supplied by the calling app, in this case LaMetric (I think).

I currently have my Lametric apps calling a publicly accessible url as part of a proof of concept so as long as Salesforce OAuth is present in the next month or so that would be great.

Slightly off topic - how many Lametric devices can be linked to a single account? We're hoping it might be in the order of 1000 but understand that might be unmanageable from an App management point of view.

Currently you can use any callback URL for your app. The only requirement is that callback URL configured in LaMetric App must be the same as configured on SalesForce.

Regarding controlling of many devices. We are aware of that problem and actually are working on the way of controlling the devices via cloud. So it would be possible to manage all devices that are connected to some account from the web.  Business customers will get ability to control devices in a bulk.

As for the number of devices linked to the account – we do no have any specific limits. So you should be able to configure 1000 devices per account without any issues.

Perfect - I am now all OAuth'd into my Salesforce Sandbox environment using my LaMetric apps.

     When adding Salesforce to your standard OAuth list please ensure you consider the auth. URL difference between Production, Sandbox, My Domain

  • (Production)
  • (Sandbox)
  • * (my domain)
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