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YouTube Analytics

As a professional YouTuber, I'd love it if there was a YouTube analytics app.

Being able to see live viewers and other stats would be awesome.

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Please check out our new YouTube Video Views app.

- Displays number of video views
- Displays number of likes/dislikes
- Displays number of comments
- Displays video title

That's awesome! Will it be difficult to have one that works for an entire channel, and one that shows your daily count (i.e. resets each day)?

Thanks again.


We will transfer your request to our Development Team.

Thanks, this works great :)

Would it be possible for a non-animating icon to be available as an option?

I am also a youtube creator and in addition to being able to view my subscriber count, a specific video view count it would also be very helpful if i could see my youtube earnings.  I usually check my youtube earnings on the youtube studio app on my iphone.  It would be incredible if i could get that feature.   thank you

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