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Weather Info

I'd really like to have more weather information in the weather app. Like biometric pressure, dew point, visibility, and precipitation amounts for the day.

It would be really nice to have weather get pulled to the LaMetric every hour. Even if the source doesn't update every hour (only every 3 hours) at least the information would be updated. Example: if my LaMetric pulls the info at 12:00pm, but the information doesn't actually update until 1:00pm, I then have REALLY old data when my LaMetric pulls the information again at 3:00pm. It now has information that is 3 hours old. It's very annoying and IFTTT isn't a viable option.

Great news!

In our last firmware v1.6.0 we decreased polling interval for weather to one hour and a half.

Please check!

Much better. Thank you!
Any chance of getting a barometric pressure graph chart for the default weather app like the one on the Netatmo app?
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