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Windows command-line to message on LaMetric

I need a simple app that will always be "listening" in the background for a new incoming message from a Windows system.  Ideally the message generated could be from a command-line app on Windows where you can pass the executable a variable and that becomes the message that will appear on LaMetric

This would make it so much easier to announce skype callers, or garage door status, or other home automation items.

I realize this probably could be accomplish, although allot more complicated, if I believed in IFTTT, but there is no reason to have traffic within my home, or personal information/messages go across the Internet, to a 3rd party service, to LaMetric's servers, just for a "push" to my LaMetric back home, it's terribly inefficient, uses more bandwidth than it needs to, and not secure.

I also question IFTTT's long-term business plan - will they still be available in the future, or would anyone pay for it when California realizes the dot-com bubble is over?  There is no reason to be dependent (held hostage) to a 3rd party service for this, when it can be done better on the local LAN without Internet dependencies.

hello there, i'm interested in lametric and looking forward this feature, there is no way to send messages from windows and using local network, at the moment ?


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Guys, we are working on the ability to push LaMetric a message in local network. Stay tuned for updates.

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Seems this got added in FW 1.50, see here...

So for others to benefit, here is how I'm doing it in a batch file...

curl.exe -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Access-Token: [token_provided_by_developer.lametric.com_site]==" -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" --data-ascii "@C:\path\thefile.json" -k https://[local_IP_of_your_lametric]:4343/api/v1/dev/widget/update/com.lametric.[some_string_provided_by_developer.lametric.com_site]/1

 ...where "thefile.json" is the standard file LaMetric likes to receive... 

    "frames": [
            "index": 0,
            "text": "Doorbell",
            "icon": "i849"
} all we need is the following properties to be supported in this file...

"notification": "no" -or- "###" value of the notification sound you want LaMetric to make
"duration": "pause" for show only this until user presses a button or changes the display via the app -or- "###" the number of seconds LaMetric should display this before moving on to the next auto scroll app defined.

Questions this raises...

If I have to use to get the Access Token, and the company goes under or the website is down, does local LAN push to the LaMetric still work?  How will this still work in the future if I can not create a custom private push app, and then wait to have it approved (seriously WTF is this step?), and then add it to my LaMetric?  This needs to be better thought-out for future proofing and being truly "offline"

For others, here is where I got curl.exe that runs on Windows:

Would also be nice to have a setting in the .json file like...

"expires": "##:##" so after 1:00 hour lets say, this stops displaying at all in the auto-scroll at all.

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