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Stock Quotes

It seems that you can only duplicate the Stock Quotes app 3 times. Would like to show more quotes than just 3.  

For apps in general would like to have some installed but not included in the Auto Scroll.  Maybe make an area below the current area where you put apps that are installed but not included in the Auto Scroll that way if you just want to put up a message for example using the message board app you don't have to install it and then remove it when done.

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Wow, one stock per "Stock Quotes" app?  That doesn't even make sense.  Instead of duplicating the app altogether (inefficient), why can't you adjust the app to allow use to add more than a single ticker?  I don't know about you, but I have a LOT more than a single company in my portfolio.

Please add the ability to have multiple tickers in a single Stock Quotes app.

With 1.0.25 firmware release Stock Quotes app can be duplicated up to 10 times.

A real scrolling stock ticker would be a great app, its very limited to just have one stock at a time, it seems wildly inefficient to have to duplicate an app to get multiple quotes.

The Stock Quotes App can only be duplicated up to 5 times in the latest firmware - what can I do to add more ticketrs - i need 20. 

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