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Minecraft server login tracker App

I would really like someone to help me surface users who log in to my Minecraft server. Basically, every time a user logs in to the server I want my LaMetric to show their username on it and ping with a notification. The log file on the server contains all the latest login information and the console also writes this data to the log file. Any ideas where to start or how to do this welcome. Or if there are programmers out there who fancy the challenge, I know the Minecraft community would welcome it.

Would this be a public app? Ie you want anyone to be able to download it and watch whose connecting?
The app would be public, like the Twitter notifier. But the data you point the app to would be from your own server.

Unfortunately you cannot create a public app at the moment which allows the end-user to customise where the data is being pulled from. Only the apps built by Smart Atoms can do this at present. The only thing you can do is create a private app to do this, and 'hard code' the url of your server into that. 

A private app would be a good start. Can you help get me started please?
A basic knowledge of php, some basic web hosting and using the developers portal should be all you need!
Thanks for that topic. Hope there is a chance to see that kind of app!!!
Please keep going up & keep us posted! thanks


No news on this project yet? Would be my reason to buy it

I made something pretty similar if you wanna take a look at my repo :

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