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IFTTT / DO Button App Support NOW WORKING! Read for more...

OK Folks, it's here... IFTTT/DO Button App Support for Lametric!

Due to the limitations of Lametric at this current point in time, the setup for this is lengthly, but straight forward. I have invested a lot of my own time into getting this working for you all, whilst I know Lametric are working on a more integrated solution. This should, however, allow full IFTTT interaction with your Lametric until such a time.

To setup, please visit and follow the instructions.

You should be up and running within about 5-10 minutes if you follow the instructions carefully.

Please give your feedback here - suggestions and comments most welcome!

Please also note that you will need to verify your email address - i understand that the emails are being sent to your junk-mail folder, so please check there first if it doesn't arrive within a few minutes. If it still doesn't arrive, use the 'forgot your password' option to resend the email.



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Works well, just remember to set your trigger first and then do this as the action, obvious really but I fluffed it the first time

Hi, James!

Nice solution! Thanks! I plan use this app and DO app to send messages to my LaMertick from our trip. :)

Can you add some solution to get all posted messages?

Friends, LaMetric IFTTT channel is already LIVE!

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