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Use the cloud correctly, don't require same-LAN access

It seems that if my Android device is not on the same LAN as my LaMetric, I can't actually connect to it. This makes it impossible to use it as a remote sign, for instance.

Please update the Android app or the LaMetric, or the Cloud to work correctly. Do not force my device to be on the same LAN (and me, by extension, to be in the same location) as me.

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This huge deficiency makes the device totally useless to me, as I was planning to use it as a remote display.


While this requested use case is valid, please keep it as a choice between remote and local usage. Some people do not want to share everything with the cloud...

So please also make sure the REST interface works properly, as promised, so we can output whatever we want to it programmatically! :)


I agree, this would be a really useful feature,

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