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Clock App Alarms

Would like to see a more functional alarm clock in the clock app.  Similar to the iPhone would be perfect, however, may be hard to implement.  At a minimum, 7 individual alarms (one for each day of the week) that could be set to be recurring (for example, every Monday, alarm goes off at 6:30am).  Would be similar to the message board app, only with alarms, instead of text.

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i'm sure they are - i guess they just don't see a point in adding this functionality. sucks, it looked like a cool gadget.


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I agree. Switched over to my Amazon Alexa for alarms, since this functionality is not supported by LaMetric,

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Probably we are not the kind of client they want: it shows stock-rates better then the time....

So it´s designed for wall-street guys only.

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Or maybe they don't need to wake up in the morning to go to work. I understand that in this case they don't need such an "complex" functions like an weekday/weekend alarm...
I like the clock except this. I am close to going back to my old "dumb" clock that did let me adjust the dates

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I found it diasapointed that this Clock doesn't Support configurable alarms for each day. Please add more funktions to the cloxk

This is a request since more than two years, don't expect any progress here. They will not implement this, because the don't care. Unfortunately. I found an workaround in the meantime. Use IFTTT to set up alarms, week day or weekend and fire up LaMetric with this.

@LaMetric I buy the LaMetric as a alarm clock with better features. But why do you do not implemet this basic features like a iPhone alarm clock???

@Norman Petzold can you plese write how can i setup this using IFTTT?

With the new 2.0.7 firmware you can now set multiple alarms. Please check!

I'm a snoozer and I find the snooze function on the lemetric rather disappointing and implemented poorly. I've found that if my iPhone runs out of battery power, upon recharge and power up, all my previously saved alarms now have the snooze function turned off. More than once, I've had to explain to the boss why I'm late! 

This function needs some serious thought by the developers. C'mon LeMetric, fix this please. The clock app should be the Number One app to get absolutely right on your device, it somehow feels like an after thought.

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