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Clock App Alarms

Would like to see a more functional alarm clock in the clock app.  Similar to the iPhone would be perfect, however, may be hard to implement.  At a minimum, 7 individual alarms (one for each day of the week) that could be set to be recurring (for example, every Monday, alarm goes off at 6:30am).  Would be similar to the message board app, only with alarms, instead of text.

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i'm sure they are - i guess they just don't see a point in adding this functionality. sucks, it looked like a cool gadget.


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I agree. Switched over to my Amazon Alexa for alarms, since this functionality is not supported by LaMetric,

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Probably we are not the kind of client they want: it shows stock-rates better then the time....

So it´s designed for wall-street guys only.

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Or maybe they don't need to wake up in the morning to go to work. I understand that in this case they don't need such an "complex" functions like an weekday/weekend alarm...
I like the clock except this. I am close to going back to my old "dumb" clock that did let me adjust the dates

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I found it diasapointed that this Clock doesn't Support configurable alarms for each day. Please add more funktions to the cloxk

This is a request since more than two years, don't expect any progress here. They will not implement this, because the don't care. Unfortunately. I found an workaround in the meantime. Use IFTTT to set up alarms, week day or weekend and fire up LaMetric with this.

@LaMetric I buy the LaMetric as a alarm clock with better features. But why do you do not implemet this basic features like a iPhone alarm clock???

@Norman Petzold can you plese write how can i setup this using IFTTT?

With the new 2.0.7 firmware you can now set multiple alarms. Please check!

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