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I would really like to be able to turn my sonos on and off via the buttons on LaMetric.

is this an app that others need?

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And scrolling the artist and song title on the display would be cool too!

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I have successfully gotten my LaMetric to display the currently playing track from a specified Sonos speaker using SmartThings to relay the information. If this is something that would be seen as useful I can post instructions on how I got mine to work. It uses a conjunction of both a custom LaMetric app and SmartThings SmartApp, so you need to understand a little bit of how each system works. Based on the nature of the underlying app structure, I don't think I could publish a public facing app to accomplish (since it's PUSH not PULL), but anyone would be able to do it themselves as I did. As for the ability to start/stop, it might be possible but would be a lot more complex to implement since it would require two-way communication between both devices, as opposed to the one-way just to display information. Either way, it would require some sort of intermediary device to relay between Sonos and LaMetric (SmartThings being the ideal solution here).

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@John, it would be great if you could share instructions with LaMetric community, for example on GitHub

We will also publish it on our Forum in Tutorials topic, so everyone will be able to use it. 

Thanks a lot!

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@John I am very interested in what you have implemented. I second posting it on here, SmartThing, or Github as I would love to have this feature. Also, I am not a coder, but maybe using you work in combination with Jishi's Node Sonos HTTP API (running on a RPi) could achieve the OP's desired function.

I've been tweaking it these past few days and have since gotten it to work with being able to toggle play by clicking the button now. I am getting the code cleaned up and will absolutely be posting it here along with a tutorial for use. 

I just purchased a second LaMetric and wanted to test it out in a separate room with multiple Sonos speakers to see what the best way to have them each display their respective information and control the Sonos, so I will include that as well in the tutorial. I will get everything together and will have a step-by-step posted here within a couple of days (I intended to post it here yesterday but life got in the way).

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@John Nice, I can't wait to try it out. I have a Sonos is each room and several LaMetric devices in a couple of my main rooms (anxiously awaiting the ability to link 2-3 devices). I am open to any testing assistance you may need.


@Gene @LaMetric Support:

As promised:

This works to display what is currently playing on the Sonos that you specify.

If something is playing, it displays "Now Playing: Song Title - Artist"

If nothing is playing, or it is paused, it says "Now Playing: Nothing Playing"

I tried to be as detailed as possible in the tutorial. Please let me know if you run into any issues. 

@LaMetric Support, if you think this will be beneficial to the community, please feel free to post in the Forums in the Tutorial or wherever else it could be of value.

Thanks everyone!


That's great!

Thanks a lot for the detailed and helpful tutorial, now it is published on our Forum in Tutorials topic

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