LaMetric will always notify you if something goes wrong or some your actions are needed. If you see on LaMetric:

1. Your smartphone has disconnected from LaMetric. To connect Lametric to smartphone again please read the second point of 3.3.2.Configuration of User Guide.

2. LaMetric lost Wi-Fi. If the device was moved to another place, you should begin configuration process from 3.3.2.Configuration of User Guide. This notification may also appear if you entered an incorrect password to your Wi-Fi network or some additional settings on your Wi-Fi router are required. In this case please read 3.3.3.Errors of the configuration process of User Guide.

3. Wi-Fi network doesn't have the Internet connection. Make sure, that your Wi-Fi network has access to the Internet and contact your Internet service provider if necessary.

4.  LaMetric can not connect to the server. Try configuring LaMetic again as it is described in 3.3.2.Configuration of User Guide. If the issue persists, please contact our support team. You can find more information about support in 8.Customer support.

5. An app doesn’t work. This may happen because of incorrect settings of some app. Try changing settings of the app or contact app developer to solve this issue.

 7. This app needs the Internet. For example, Radio app will not work without the Internet.