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even more suggestions for LaMetric time

1) Make the screensaver display dimmer

2) Fix the function "Artist and song title" in the radio app

3) Be able to edit icons in the weather app

4) After turning off the screensaver mode, show the time when notifications have been delivered to the phone

5) turn the music down a bit when playing a notification sound

6) Be able to add custom notification sounds

7) Be able to edit more things using only LaMetric Time without opening the LaMetric app

8) Incorporate animations into several of your applications that will also use the white part of the display to reproduce the animation

9) Ability to show apps on the device for a certain amount of time in seconds, not 1x, 2x, or 3x.

10) Everything in the topic "Few Suggestions for LaMetric time"

- Kesamot

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