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Will there ever be a version with USB Type-C?

I just looked at this awesome piece of tech and noticed it comes with micro-usb. Any chance it will upgrade to USB-C anytime soon?


Thanks for writing to us. 

LaMetric Time works with micro-USB cable (1.5m).

But we appreciate your request and we'll forward it to our engineering team for consideration. 

Should there be any questions, let us know.

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Outstanding advantages

With the above structure, surely the USB Type C line possesses many outstanding advantages over its predecessors. Slope 2

+ The size of the connection port is compact, compatible with many different devices, can use both sides of the pin, so you don't have to worry about wrong plugging causing damage to the socket.

+ Capable of transferring power as well as data including images at high speed, supporting fast charging.

+ Replaces both HDMI, USB, VGA, Power, Display ports with just one convenient, compact plug.




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