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Solution: WIFI Connectivity Issues for First Time Users

Hi all. I just wanted to share some helpful advice for any new users on Android who are experiencing issues connecting their new LaMetric TIME to their wifi network. 

This affected me not only during set-up of my LaMetric TIME but also some smart plugs I have from another brand. 

If you're running into a network connection issue where you simply can't transfer your wifi credentials to your new device, remember to switch off your phone's data first!

What I found was that having the phone's carrier data running blocked the user flow for setting up my device by defaulting to my mobile data instead of reconnecting to my wifi network. 

Hope this helps someone!

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Excuse me, please can I say a HUGE hugging thankyou. You know i really have sat here for hours, for the umpteenth time, trying to get this to work since i moved in to a new home two months ago. I just had a tiff with my flatmate and i'm on the edge....and was so so close to giving up and never getting it right. I had seen this advice before but i had totally forgotten it and of course, its not in any of lametric's information. I just want to cry because i then got to option 3 where I could atleast put in my new wifi info. After about 6 times it just suddenly worked. It's still messing about now but i think it's just an update. Comfortably Numb just came on my speakers and i'm like YAAAAAASSSSS , I'm in. It's crappy hardware, but i'm in!!!!!

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