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Developer spotlighting or incentives

I noticed more recently there is no true incentive nor recognition of Independent developers who are creating legitimate apps or trying to. There doesn’t seem to be any vetting if an app should be in the store vs needing to be submitted as a icon. There is also no mechanism to report a broken app or abuse, just to report it to the developer. But if the developer is no longer around it’s just a dead app in the store. I would like to see a revamp of the AppStore honestly or some kind of developer recognition or incentive like a discount on products or early access etc. allow more intuitive development, the snake, game radio are prefect examples of areas developers can develop into as there is no documentation nor the possibility on adding audio to a frame, the snake game is not using the same api or framing restrictions developers have to follow so no else can’t make a legit game for the products. While I understand I’m venting, there is a lot of improvement that could be done to help the continuation of the LaMetric product line growth and I believe this lies with the independent developer that want to see these products grow.

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I'm agree with that, "strandard" developper dont have access of the same API level. Open the firmware and plain API to all at the same level ?

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