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device unnecessarily scrolls 8 character message

I have an app that sends direct notifications to my lametic time device, one of the messages displays a green flag icon and the text "in 1 lap". This message fits on the screen perfectly and doesn't actually need to be scrolled, yet it is scrolled.

I've checked the docs for some way to force this particular notification to not be scrolled, but it doesn't seem to be an option.

I feel that the best "fix" is to just never scroll messages that actually fit on the screen. 

However, a decent work around would be to just add a field to the "Notification object" that allows an app author to decide if a message shouldn't be scrolled.

Text blocks that do fit the screen will not scroll in the lastest Firmware. i do this myself (sending profit/loss data to the clock) the titles fit the screen, the clock will not "scroll" them 

only if the text is larger it scrolls.

this does include the Icon, so if you remove the Icon, for example, you have 2 characters more "space" for a fixed text.


Thanks for reaching out to us and for sharing your feedback on the scrolling text.

We'll forward it to our Development team for consideration.

Should there be any updates on this we'll contact you. Let's keep in touch.  

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