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Weather app can't find my city

A very important matter

I am very disappointed because the weather app is not updated correctly, I tried in every way even checking automatic location and it does not work well in addition I can't find my city on the list! (I tried to install the app again and it did not help)

The site does not provide all the necessary information, in fact I checked the computer on this site and it found my city and presented the weather correctly but in the app I could not find it

At the rest of the weather sites it works great

Can I please add an option to select a site?

Or at least they will find my city? "Efrat"

Can you please explain or solve this issue?


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The problem with LaMetric is that we ourselves have very few possibilities to change anything. Unfortunately, we depend on the devs here. A very good service is! This should fix all our problems with incorrect information.
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