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Apprise Lametric Time support - Easy Notifications!

 Hi guys,

As the developer of Apprise (which supports over 60+ notification services already), I just thought I'd share that I integrated support of the Lametric Time into it (documentation here).

But at the end of the day, it really just boils down to this:


# Install apprise
pip install apprise

# Assuming our {apikey} is abc123
# Assuming our {hostname} of our Lametric Device is:
apprise -vv -b "Test Message Body" lametric://abc123@


 Now obviously no one wants to put all of their credentials on the command line.  Apprise supports configuration files.  So you can safely stow away all of this and then easily notify your Lametric Clock whenever you want.

For example... with respect to the above apprise call, you might place the following in the path: %APPDATA%/Apprise/apprise (Windows Users) and ~/.apprise (Nux users):

# hash tags are used as comments and these lines are safely
# ignored.  Below is the lametric time configuration:

 Now you just need to send the message to your clock whenever you want without exposing your credentials to the screen:

# The below command is smart enough to look at your
# configuration file and read in your credentials.  Notifying
# your clock just got easy! :)
apprise -vv -b "Test Message Body"


Hopefully this will prove useful to some!

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