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CoinMarketCap: "Invalid chart data" message?

Hi all, Bought my LaMetric finally and playing around with some apps. Installed also CoinMarketCap. There I am getting many times the error message "Invalid chart data" message. Any tip is very much appreciated. Many thanks and happy new year everyone, Joe PS. Is this the way to post app error message or directly contact the developer?

Dear @Joe,

Happy New Year to you.

Sorry for the delay in response.

The mentioned app 'CoinMarketCap' is 3rd party developer's app and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee its stability. Everybody can publish his own apps to our store and make them public in order for others could use them. You may try to contact the developer regarding the issue (email can be found in the app description).
But you can provide with us more detailed information on this issue and our QA Team will check the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Please share with us any screenshots/video demonstrating the issue and your device log files. Follow the next steps to do it (please grab logs just after the issue has occurred):

- if you're on Android, please open "Manage Device" screen and tap menu icon, tap Support, select LaMetric you have a problem with and send an email with device information.
- if you're on iOS, tap on "Account" tab at the bottom of "Manage Device", tap on "Support", tap on the name of your LaMetric Time device and send us an email with logs attached.

 Please drop your email on

Dear @Joe,

We checked this app and looks like there is an issue. 

Please, try to contact the app's developer regarding the issue (email can be found in the app description).

Also, please be informed that we've taken this case into account for our further investigation.

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