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Weird lit pixel only in clock app

Hey Just got this nifty clock for Xmas, besides lacking any HomeKit support it pretty awesome. I however noticed an extra pixel that is lit in the screensaver when using the clock app. If I choose blank there are three pixels in the lower left that are lit. Question is is this normal behavior? They are not dead since they are off in other apps. Regards Bram

If I remember correctly, this pixel means that alarm is set. I have not using it as alarm clock but have tested a few times. (because I use it radio at low volume to fall asleep but there is not possible to set different higher volume for alarm and low volume will not wake me up)



Thanks for reaching out to us.

Grey pixel that appears on the right top side of the current time on the device means that your alarm is enabled. This was designed not to forget to set an alarm ;)

Please, check your Alarm clock settings. 

Should there be any questions please drop email on

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