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Can't Change Anything

So This sounds weird but I was just editing my clock and I reloaded the page and my clock just disappeared? It still says the time and my YouTube subscriber count but its juat not there? I try and add it and it says connect to it on your wifi and it's not there. It's connected to everything but I can't edit it? Please help
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Thank you for your appeal! 

Try to reset LaMetric and to connect again. 

If you want to wipe all settings or register LaMetric Time under another account, you may reset the device to its default factory settings. To do this switch the device off, then press and hold On/Off and the Volume up buttons simultaneously and start LaMetric Time in Recovery mode. There you will see a menu where you can choose between 'RESET', 'REBOOT' or 'MOUNT' by clicking on the Left or Right navigation button. When 'RESET' message appears, press the Action button to reset your device to factory default settings. 
Then you can create another account to connect your LaMetric Time to and configure it. Here are links of how to configure LaMetric Time on iOS and on Android.

Hope it will be helpful for you. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to drop an email to
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