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Clock face curl POST not accepting icon ID


I would like for the POST command for clock face for the clock app to accept icon id's from, the same way as i can use them when sending a notification or warning.

As of now i have to convert it to a png or gif base64, which does not work since i can't download the correct icon. I can find thumbs and icons with i think bakground color. But not the pure icon. This gives me trouble with base64 converter pages, i get base64 codes that are miles long. These mile long codes does not work with curl since this is command line and have restrictions with length.

Some bakground:

I use my clock with Home Assistant so i would love for this to be made possible. and i would like to make automations changing icons depending on tiume of the year, christmas, halloween, new year and so on, perhaps birthdays, you get the point. :)

Thanks in advance :)


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