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Wifi credentials lost after every power disconnect

Every time I disconnect my LaMetric from power, it loses all Wifi data.

So every time I have to run the setup (connect to LM Wifi, choose local wifi, type in password, you name it...).

The support was quite friendly and asked for some debug logs which I send in January. 

However, this bug was so annoying that I ordered a brand-new device from Amazon. And everything went well except today when I upgraded to the latest firmware.

Can anyone confirm a similar behaviour?

The issue has been fixed.

Hey, problem still exists with version 2.0.21 and all my LaMetric devices.... yes I bought two because I got rid of re-entering the wifi credentials when moving my LaMetric from the office to the living room.


Yeah this is still happening with me too on 2.0.21, as of 26 July.

Same problem here.. driving me nuts

Any news on this? Its a very annoying bug.. 

Please update your firmware to the latest version (2.0.23), also please make sure your mobile app is up to date.

If the issue persists please drop an email to with issue details.

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