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How to prevent automatic progression between frames in an app and use the action button instead?


I experimented a bit with the app development docs. I build an app which shows the live visitors of my blog and in the next frame it shows a chart of the weekly summary.

The JSON looks like this: 

    "frames": [
            "index": 0,
            "text": "2 (7)",
            "icon": "i23049"
            "index": 1,
            "chartData": [

When the app is display on LaMatric with the auto scroll option switched on both frames are displayed. I only want to display the first frame and only if the user clicks the action button the next frame should be displayed. Just like the Twitter App. How can I do that? What should the JSON look like?

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I can think of a workaround that would solve that for you. Assuming that it’s a push app (instead of a poll app) you could just push the first frame and add a button action to the app. When the button was pushed, you’d call an endpoint that would push only the second frame. This way the frames woldn’t be looping between each other. You would need to keep track of what frame you pushed last, to be able to know which frame to push when the button was pressed, but it would solve your issue. Hope this helped. Cheers
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