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Indicator App: Add "delay" field to specify dwell time for frame

Each indicator frame is shown for 4 seconds, but there are applications where this feels either too slow or too hectic.

It would be useful to have the JSON specify the pause or delay time.

Here is an example with a new "delay" field that specifies the time in seconds.  The first frame ("message1") stays on for 10 seconds, followed by the second frame ("message2") which stays on for the default time of 4 seconds.


 "frames": [


      "index": 0, 

      "text": "message1", 

      "icon": 21,

      "delay": 10,



      "index": 1, 

      "text": "message2", 

      "icon": 29




Extra points if JSON can also specify the text scrolling speed.

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