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Indicator App notifies twice


i created an indicator app that pulls data every X seconds from my server. When user has notify turned on and the text in my frame changes the user gets a notification as intended. But when I change the text back to normal (default frame set at the user gets a new notification because the text changed.

For example: 

- Text is: "Hello"

- Update from Server: "Hello World" -> Notification on device

- Update from Server: "Hello" -> Another notification that I don't want.

Is this even possible and how? Can I set that I don't want to trigger notifications for one specific server response?

Dear Kenneth,

The user will receive notification on any change in the frame data. Also, there is no possibility to enable or disable an update for a specific server response.

Best regards,

LaMetric Support Team

Thanks for your response. 

Wouldn't it hurt to add something like:


    "frames": [


            "text": "My Text",

            "icon": "i123456",
            "notify": false




to let the developer decide whether this frame-update is important.

Would be nice.



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