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ASCII Characters

Has anyone else noticed characters like & and < or > show up as random characters when using RSS feeds? For instance, if I get a severe thunderstorm warning and it says Hail: < .50” then it shows up as something like &l8a .50”. This is happening on every RSS feed I use through IFTTT but I’ve contacted them for over a year and their support sucks. I’ve never gotten a response back from them and I don’t know if there’s anything LaMetric can do about it. It’s frustrating.

This is occurring on any IFTTT applet, BTW. I noticed last night when a Twitter applet was scrolling it had a bunch of characters instead of just the & symbol.
The < symbol shows as < .
Checking back on this topic and it looks like the last comment I made got converted somehow. The < symbol shows as <. The & symbol seems to be displaying just fine.
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