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Optional notification in indicator app

I'm trying to create an indicator app that can notify user once the data have been changed.

How I can see from the docs:

Create indicator app when:

It is important to display numbers, charts or text messages that stay on LaMetric until new data has come and optionally notify the user about change.

I've created an app but when I send a POST request with data inside, nothing happens on the device. Precisely, the POST changes the data "in background", I need to switch to the app to see that data is changed. But how can I "optionally notify the user about change" using the REST API? 

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Dear Dmitriy,

The application user should check the 'Notify' option in order to receive notifications about new data. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to notify the user about new data using REST API.

Best regards,

LaMetric Support Team

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