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Calendar mode : time is remaining

Hello all, not sure to have answer by seeing so few support in previous posts, but i'm sharing my trouble. When set with schedule mode, time is remaining on screen whatever is the app planned at the moment. It works randomly, trying to shut off and on several times but no result for making schedule mode effective. So I must put manually the Night app each evening. I really think it could be a marvelous connected tool, but it actually does integrate too few efficient programmation. Very disappointed trouble making me doubting of the rightness of this choice to replace my old alarm clock

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Hello, the same for me. Last 4 day the schedule mode works fine. But today only one app is displayed. Restarting do not work. 

Okay, today at Monday morning schedule mode is working fine. Seems there is an bug on Sunday. Monday till Saturday is okay, but Sunday doesn’t work. Please make an update.
On my side, it's always the same issue each time I switch on manually selected app and come back then to calendar mode. Have to sait one night and set again calendar. If I never change or use LaMetric, calendar mode seems working fine, but no way to play with it. Definitely convinced that there's many issues in the code. Please support tell something about your current roadmap don't make new features until the existing are not working well.
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