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Radio station get/add via local API

 Today the radio decided to drop all my stations while I was updating one. I had painstakingly added 10 stations for URLs not in the default station list through the horrible phone UI and I was really disappointed. It would be so much easier if allowed pushing stations straight to it via the local API. I really like the radio and use it a lot and that would make it much easier to use.

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The UI isn't the best its horrible plus you can not add specific radio stations it doesn't load up, I have tried adding the staions several times and still doesn't work, its a very basic UI, something like UNDOK UI would be nice, also having a sperate bluetooth option rather then cramping radio and bluetooth function on one app isn't really feasible, becuase if you want to use IIF option to activate the bluetooth instead of the radio you can't, it only activates the radio I wanted to use flic to activate the bluetooth and play music from my device with a flic 


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