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Support for getting alarm time in Device API

Support for getting if an alarm is enabled and the time of the alarm would be a great addition to the Device API. It is now only possible to set the times which allows the LaMetric to be controlled, but my use case is the inverse, where I would like to be able to set the alarm on the LaMetric and use that information to create a wake-up light.

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I vote for this. Would be great to be able to query the API to get full information on current alarms.

Did you try this?


Nope that doesn't give anything. Even using the v2 API. The request here is to get the set time for an alarm as well as if the alarm is enabled or not.

Strange...for me it works

Will give another try this evening.... Thanks

still not working. 

V1 API calls don't work for me apparently. Only v2.

are you using curl ?

I'm using the browser. Do you use https://local-lametric-ip/v1 ... ?
What is the response?

That's what I get : { "errors":[ { "message":"Resource not found" } ] }

try with /api/v1/apps/com.lametric.clock

All queries using v1 gives the same results.I can set an alarm through the API using v2 and that's works. But anything v1 doesn't

very strange. No idea why it does not work. I believe the undocumented v1 is used by the Lametric App.

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