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Implement alarm-clock beep instead of radio when no internet / radio not broadcasting


I'm a happy Lametric user, and one of the thing I like the most is the ability to wake up with an internet radio.

However, I have encountered two problems with it : 

1) One day, the radio I woke up to stop broadcasting, therefore it didn't make any sound.

2) Today, same problem, but it was due to a internet incident in my city.

For me these are major flaws since the main goal of an alarm-clock is to wake up its user :).

Could you please implement a way to detect the no internet connection / no sound emitted when radio as alarm is selected and use the good old stressing beep in theses cases ?

Thank you very much.

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PLEASE add a fallback if internet radio cannot be streamed! This is essential for a device advertised as "an alarm clock out of the box". And also allow to set VOLUME and RADIO CHANNEL individually for every alarm. Perhaps also a mode for increasing the volume starting at a given minimum sound and rising to a maximum sound, such as ringer tone on a phone. Thanks!!
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