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Frame duration?


Am I missing a way of saying how long a frame should display? It is very short/quick from the app I have made. Can I add something to the JSON it pulls when it polls or something?



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Hello? Anyone there?

Yes. This is a missing feature. Please implement it.

are any updates here?

Looking at the non existing response here (as well as in other topics) I would say either Lametric has not the required development power or they do not care about people who already purchased their product.

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To specify the time, use "duration" property: 

    "frames": [
            "text": "10 seconds",
            "icon": null,
            "index": 0,
            "duration" : 10000
         "text" : "5 seconds",
         "icon" : null,
         "index" : 1,
         "duration" : 5000

The duration is in milliseconds, however the result time will be longer by about 2s because of how it is implemented (probably how they implemented transitions and timers).

I've received this from Lametric support.

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>>I've received this from Lametric support.

ha-ha, ORLY?! 

>>"duration" : 5000

yes, it;'s works.

thank you so much! daikyu! :)

Thank you for sharing!

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