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Custom url for poll as parameter value

 Hi guys,

i want to create an indicator app which pulls data from personal home automation server. To make this app usable for other it needs a input field to set custom url to users server. But i haven't found any way to set a url with a parameter. Is this possible or can it be released ?


I have the same question, is this in any way possible?

If you have a web server, you could poll an endpoint with a parameter. Then, in turn, the web server loads whatever url depending on the parameter received. For example, if your app polls with parameter url=a, then your web server loads the contents of URL A and output to the clock. Will it work?
Thats no good solution for a standalone app. Not everybody has a free webserver with all needed functions in php or has to pay for it - unneded if a direct way can be implemented!


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