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Support language for Korean

Hello, I am Korean I will buy LaMetric device by this month But I cant find whether or not it will support Korean language Is this support Korean language? If it is not support Korean, I want to know when it is support

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There are also LaMetric users in Korea.

It is difficult to find a font that fits LaMetric's resolution, so I don't think it wasn't supported.

Introducing Korean fonts with 7x8 and 8x8 pixel sizes.

I hope to be able to use Hangul text in laMetric.

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Sorry for the delay in reply.

Thanks for reaching out to us and for sharing your feedback about supporting Korean fonts.

We have already forwarded your request to our team for consideration as a possibility of implementation.

We are always working on improvements and strive to deliver the best quality to our customers. Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned for updates. 
Feel free to contact us if you have orther questions.

Best regards,
LaMetric Support Team
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