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Set brightness sensor threshold for screensaver activation

Hi there,

it would be awesome if there was a way to select the brightness at which the screensaver becomes active. At night when my bed lamp is still on, the LaMetric which is located about 2 meters away already turns its screensaver on. Here I would like to adjust the threshold to a lower brightness so the saver doesn't trigger before I turn off the bed lamp and the room is fully dark.



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Yesterday at 5pm it was completely sunny and the sensor had a reflection off it and it still had the screensaver activated. It's frustrating and I'm about to just set it to do it by time, and I really don't want to.

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Great idea ! Most of the time the sensor is too sensitive and the screensaver is launched too easily.

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Still hoping for this.

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+1, it goes to screensaver if I don't turn on light on light, but I don't turn on light it's because the is not yet down.

Or maybe only a API call to set it if this not in the App.

Yes, this would be a great idea as now the screensaver is always active in my bedroom even when the light is on ... So I have it on the timer, but that's not ideal way to go . Thx,

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Please, check if you have a screensaver mode enabled (by default, LaMetric Time activates the screensaver depending on the nearby brightness level).

In your LaMetric Time app go to Settings > Screensaver

Tap 'Activation'

There are three types of activation Screensaver: 'Off', 'When dark', 'Time-based'. Choose one of them as you need.

- if you choose 'When dark' - Screensaver will be activated when it is completely dark in the room. It will be deactivated in the morning or if you turn the light on in a room.
- if you choose 'Time-based' you will be able to set Start and End time for Screensaver:

We hope this helps.

Should there be any questions feel free to drop email on
' we hope this helps ' 樂 Not really guys, we know how to setup the screensaver function. It doesn't really do what is advertised. Because when choosing the 'when dark' option the screensaver gets turn on too early. It thinks the bedroom is dark even when the lights are still on. Their should be an option to change the setpoint (threshold) for the sensor, so that it won't turn the screensaver function on too soon. Kind of what Tobias said 3 years ago .....襤襤襤

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Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, currently, there is no such feature.  But we appreciate your idea and we'll consider it when working on further updates. 

Our team is always working on improvements and strive to deliver the best quality to our customers. Please follow our Development Roadmap to stay tuned. Although sometimes we face some technical limitations we constantly work on the updates and put maximum efforts polishing core features to deliver the best product quality.  

If you run into anything else please  drop email on

I understand you have other priority in your roadmap, but seriously this a 3 years request. On a cloudy day, it goes into screensaver in the middle of the day. That's not a big feature but just a usability fix.

And I hope that you didn't read topic and messages for making a recommandation how to config screensaver. That's a really frustrating communication...

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Following this thread. Got my LaMetric Time this weekend and while I'm overall happy with it so far, the light sensitivity for the screensaver was something I got annoyed by the very first day of use. The setting is almost unusable, but as others have noted the time-based workaround isn't really viable since it's too static.

Considering the current roadmap, it seems like there might be room for some basic improvements such as this - I mean, if it's going up against an egg timer or snake game in prioritisation... :wink: 

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The screen brightness control is a MASSIVE let down on the product .. I don't understand how something so simple has been developed in such a ridiculous way. Screensaver mode is still too bright also if in screensaver mode any icon posted to the clock.clockdisplay doesn't appear. Why not increase the granularity of the brightness in the software. Clearly, the hardware is capable so have a night mode and a day mode where a user can set the brightness based on the current parameters that control screensaver. Screensaver should just reduce the brightness, why disable API icons? My automated home posts to my LaMetric when for example the garage door is open however in screen saver I don't get to find out until the morning that there is an issue. 

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Hi, Any updates on this? The screensaver enables to early and not only when it is 100% dark. An option will be to get the customer a possibility to set the screensaver “darkness threshold”. Please force a solution! Thanks!
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