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How can the user cancel a message that was send with "cycles": 0?

I know that I can dismiss mit with a DELETE request through the API,

but can the user really not dismiss such a message directly on the clock by pressing a button?

If I send something like this:


curl -X POST -u "dev:<my api key>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"lifeTime\": 60000, \"icon_type\": \"none\", \"model\": { \"frames\": [ { \"icon\": \"i2448\", \"text\": \"This is a test ...\"} ] , \"cycles\": 0 } }" http://<ip>/api/v2/device/notifications

 the message will be shown until it gets dimissed according to the API reference:

cycles – the number of times message should be displayed. If cycles is set to 0, notification will stay on the screen until user dismisses it manually or you can dismiss it via the API (DELETE /api/v2/device/notifications/:id). By default it is set to 1.

 But there's also mentioned, that the user can dimiss it manually.

How does that work?

- If I press the middle button on the clock, nothing happens.

- If I press one of the arrow buttons, a lock symbol is shown for a second, the the clock returns to the notification.

So I couldn't figure out how to remove the message as a end user, beside removing the power supply of the clock an reboot it. :P

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Ok, canceling of "cycle = 0" notifications doesn't work  when you're in the "display one app" mode of your clock.

It works fine if you're in the manual- or auto-cycle app mode.

I would call this a bug, as you can't get rid of the notification in this case.

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