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Action button requests - why GET instead of POST?


I've started developing a sample application and noticed that when the action button is pressed a GET request is sent:

GET /action-url?choice=&message=x&single=&switch=true HTTP/1.1
Accept: */*
User-Agent: LaMetric/1.0 (Linux; LaMetric OS 1.7.7; S) com.lametric.fdf0375e6bfc25cdbb4cc61d178724bd/3
X-Lametric-App-Instance: ee92b24ca87544a19eec46b7cd394968
X-Lametric-App-Instance-Name: 2
X-Lametric-Device-Id: 11810

Why GET instead of POST?

It seems like POST would be perfect in this case as action buttons usually make some changes on the backend. A GET request over HTTP could be cached in intermediate proxies and not have the intended effect...

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