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creating a lametric app from scratch


I got my lametric a few months now and I love it.

I use it with available apps and ifttt. My future goal is to create an own app for the lametric but I'm a completely noob in programming. I read a lot about API, Rest, curl etc. but I'm completely new in this.

I have 2 ideas I'd like to realize:

1. fetching data, like new comments from my wordpress blog on a shared hosting and show it on lametric.

2. fetching data from a public website, like new products in a shop and show it on lametric.

I know I need to learn a lot before get this done and I don't expect a final solution from you expert but does anybody has an advice with what I should start? Is there a tutorial for noobs like me? I tried with some tutorials from lametric, like the "first indicator app" but even there I fail with that curl thing. What knowledge is essential for starting with creating own apps?

I really appreciate every hint how to start into all this

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